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OpenRADIUS commercial options


  • If you have the right tools on your system but still would like some help with the installation, I can do it remotely for you if your system can be accessed through ssh. This is a tool that allows people to log on to other systems over the internet using a secure, encrypted connection.

  • If you don't want to invest time in figuring out how to write the business rules for OpenRADIUS, I can work with you to develop a full solution based on your needs.

Custom modules

If you need a custom module, there are three options other than writing it yourself:

  • Sponsor the development of a freely available module - if you need a module that's already on the roadmap to be developed and to be made available under the same Free license as OpenRADIUS itself, you can sponsor me. Your requirements will be used as input, and the module will be developed before the ones that have to be developed without sponsorship. Currently on the roadmap are a PAM module, that enables authentication against a whole range of backends, including shadowed password files and even Windows NT domains, and a MySQL backend.

  • Order a module - the module will be built fully according to your needs, for a pre-negotiated price depending on its complexity. I will retain the copyrights, but I will not make the module publically available for three months. This period can be extended for a price.

  • Have a module written on contract basis - if you want to sell the module yourself, you can hire me to write it and assign the copyrights to you. Contracting rates will apply, though.


Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

E-Advies / Emile van
Heysterbachstraat 92tel +31 (0)78 6136282
3312 JL Dordrecht 
The Netherlands 

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