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OpenRADIUS metered pre-paid accounts configuration

Pre-paid Accounts

This configuration is included with openradius-0.9.10 in examples/accounts. It will not work with releases before 0.9.10.

This is an implementation of metered accounts, which can be used to create pre-paid services. It currently uses a MySQL backend, but should be adaptable to other databases without much effort.

It supports both parking meter and per minute metered accounts, and any combination of the two.

This configuration contains a SQL script that must be loaded in addition to schema.mysql, together with a behaviour file. When used with configuration.sample-mysql from the examples directory, this implements versatile balanced accounts.

Accounts can be limited using the following parameters:

  • an ending moment
  • a time slot length that allows the ending moment to be set at first login
  • a time balance
  • a caller ID, possibly set at first login

For each login made for account, the maximum allowed length of a session is set according to the ending moment or the remaining number of seconds, whichever happens earlier.

The expiry moment may be either preset by the administrator of the account, or may be set at the fist login for an account, based on a time slot length given in the table.

The time balance is tracked independently from the ending moment. Thus, you can create accounts that allow eg. 24 hours of effective usage during one month, starting at the first login.

You can find this configuration here. Please see accounts.mysql for more technical documentation.

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