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E-Advies / Emile van Bergen


If you want custom software on any type of Unix, then E-Advies is for you. Whether on Solaris or Linux, on QNX or Tru64, whether using C or C++, Perl or PL/SQL, E-Advies can design and implement new systems or adapt existing ones.

Another expertise area is IP networking, using Cisco equipment and Unix servers. If you need troubleshooting, advice or a new design for a company WAN, your DNS infrastructure or a dialup service, E-Advies can help.

How I work

E-Advies is based in the Netherlands, but is a global company. Service is delivered over the internet. If your systems can be accessed using a secure shell, or software can be delivered to you using digitally signed and encrypted email, we can communicate in English or Dutch, an invoice can be sent and payment received, then E-Advies' services are available.

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