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   RADIUS for pppd
   i386 debugger
   HTML menus

Technical articles
   Configuration data
   Non-recursive make
   Signals and Select
   Linux GUIs
      Library problems
      The GUI terminal

   CV (NL, pdf)...
   Resume (pdf)...

About me


This page is probably not the most interesting of the lot, but just in case you were wondering, this is my home on the internet. Have a look around. Some of these pages are hopelessly outdated, but there should not be any other problems.

If you want to contact me, please send your mail to "contact at prive.e-advies.nl".

If you want to send me encrypted email, or you want to verify the signature of a message signed by me, my GPG public key is here. It's also available from various PGP keyservers as key 0x76F2CFC1. The key's fingerprint is 1EE9 F8DB EC41 E155 C915  ED18 E06E F4A6 76F2 CFC1.

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